Welcome to my website

This site is to show my art, the pieces currently for sale and an archive of previous work. I think it is important to see the archive, as it not only shows the progress of the artistic journey, but may also give ideas for commissions.

Each artwork is from my own creativity and completely designed by me, however, I have occasionally had help with some of the technical aspects of assembling pieces, in particular the wall hangings. My sewing and beadwork are just not up to scratch!

You can buy a piece from the For Sale Gallery directly, or commission a piece by consulting with me. Both of which you can do whilst on this site. Artworks will be sent to you and the cost of delivery is included in the price.

My motivation: People, places & perception

The art I make is about expressing an emotional and thoughtful response to my life experiences, often particularly linked to a sense of place. I have traveled to some wonderfully beautiful landscapes and places, and met many interesting and lovely people. All this has had a profound affect on my perception and how I express myself artistically. My hope is that you, the viewer, will enjoy looking at my artworks through the prism of your own perception, making connections unique to you. More About.

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