latest news

The main news is that I am now settled for the foreseeable future in Hawick, in the Scottish Borders. I have a studio in the town which I am hoping to open up to visitors when allowed to do so. Appropriate hygiene measures will of course be followed.

At the moment I am still getting used to being back in Scotland, and trying to figure out what life means as an artist living under the conditions we are all having to deal with. I am not finding this easy. As a stranger in a new place, I have failed so far to make contact with fellow artists. I have managed to start to get to know my neighbours who have all been friendly and welcoming, which is a bonus!

I think it is still too early to tell what the immediate, medium and long term future will look like. So I am going to concentrate on living in the moment and attempt to carry on as best I can.

It feels to me that we are in a moment in history that is pivotal. Whether we manage to improve life for the world’s citizens and indeed the planet itself, or carry on making it worse, time will indeed tell. Personally I live in hope, and try by my words and actions to improve what I can.