Medium: Acrylic, mixed media on canvas

Size: 112 x 84cm

Date: 2015

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Painting Description

After the initial shock of my husband’s heart attack (he survived!) I was contemplating how blood moves around the human body, how important it is, yet it is unseen and taken for granted.  I then remembered a photo I’d taken, in France in the winter, of a weeping willow tree. I had seen the bare branches hanging towards the ground, they reminded me of human arteries and veins, particularly those I see on the back of my hands. The tree moves sustenance around its whole using its branches and roots, performing the same function as the veins and arteries do for us.

The colours I chose for the painting reflect the colours of human veins and arteries.

I cropped the photo to this close up, which I then used for the composition of the painting.