Flow Divided

Medium: Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, with african fabric

Date: 2016

Size: 300cm x 150cm

Price: £3,000

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This is the largest work I have ever done. It is a wall hanging, with an african print as it’s border. Technical assistance was given by Patricia Chitonya, a local textile designer (and sewing expert!).

The inspiration for this piece came from feeling frustrated at always feeling like I was being interrupted when trying to focus on being creative. There are so many things and people that take me away from what I want to be doing, which is painting. The ‘Flow’ is the gold and black zigzags, elegantly moving up and down the surface. The ‘interruption’ is the chaotic red, gold and green rectangle separating the flow from itself.

It is a permanent difficulty, I could do so many versions of this feeling! A problem I will never quite solve or resolve, unfortunately.