Portrait of Lorraine

Medium: Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Size: 120cm x 80cm

Date: 2018

Shipping included in price

In a departure from my usual style, I decided that I would like to do 2 portraits of people I have met here in Malawi. Like Gainsborough, whose main interest was Landscape, but painted portraits to ‘prove’ he was a good artist and to please his patrons, I thought I should do the same! I have always loved drawing portraits of people, but haven’t attempted paintings very often, so I thought it would be an interesting challenge for myself and might prove to others that I too am a ‘good’ artist. The 2 ladies I chose are sisters who run a business together, also organising events; the main one in Malawi being the African Fashion and Art Festival, which happens every November in Lilongwe. I contribute in a small way to the event, providing Art for display. The 2 sisters are both great – dynamic, organised, enthusiastic and I really enjoy being part of the Festival.